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Submitting Wallpapers

Submit a wallpaper

Use this form to submit a wallpaper to a show we don't have yet. If you are submitting to a show that we have already, please navigate to that show first, and use the submit links on the thumbnail pages. Wallpaper submissions must conform to these rules:
  • Any submission must be your own work, and may not use parts of other wallpapers, or any other processed graphics.
  • Do not upload an unaltered scan, promotional graphic or cover art, that you have cropped into wallpaper size, it will not be accepted.
  • Fanart may not be used, unless you have express permission from the artist for using it in a wallpaper and submitting it to
  • Your submission must prominently use characters or themes from the show you are submitting it to. "Crossover" wallpapers should be submitted to the "Miscellaneous" category
  • Your submission must have "" somewhere on it, preferably in one of the lower corners, and your username/signature. Your signature must match your username. You may also put your email/web site link on it if you so wish. This is mostly done to allow us to go after the people who rip the site wholesale.
  • Your submission must be a JPEG image in one of the standard wallpaper sizes.
  • Please submit a standard ratio with a minimum width of 1280px. Only the largest size you have need be submitted, all smaller sizes will be generated automatically.
  • You may upload a standard (4:3/5:4) and a widescreen (16:9/16:10) version separately. If possible, we may merge the items later on.
  • Only submit finished works, as there is no way to later update a 'work in progress'
  • Please remember that by submitting your work, you grant us a non-exclusive, irrevocable right to use it on our site.
  • Your Notes/Description for the wallpaper should be in English.
Please note, that all wallpapers have to pass approval by our moderators before being shown on the site. Any of the following may be factors in your submission being rejected:
  • Missing any of the above required elements
  • Low quality of extraction/character art images
  • Color choices, general layout quality
  • If any of your previous submissions have been removed for reported plagarism, your account will be barred from making any further submissions
You will be notified when the status of your wallpaper changes. Please be patient, and do not resubmit an image unless prompted to do so by staff

If you've read and understand all of the above, you may proceed with the submission process.
Please log in to the site before submitting

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