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Code Geass Wallpaper # 13

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Code Geass Anime Wallpaper #13

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Join Date: Aug 2008
3 Wallpapers
Last Online: 14 years ago
December 3, 2008, 11:38 am

Finally! It's done. 9(>_>) I can't tell you how long this took to complete. I believe about 3 months. I had to find the right scans, and other elements to make it work.

Well, this idea came to me because Lelouch likes to play chess like it's some kind of poker game, so I decided to make him play poker since he likes to gamble with lives and whatnot. Anyways, Lelouch ends up with a Royal Flush, according to the ending of R2. I used this pattern for each character because Suzaku survived Lelouch but Lelouch had control over the other characters either by using his Geass or as Zero. Nunnally comes as Queen because she lead the world after the Rebellion and Prince Schneizel was under Zero's control, therefore under her control and Kallen was under everyone, but still an important character.

I want to thank all of the vector artists' for their awesome work. I'm glad that someone did the scans as vectors, it made it easier for me. Thanks! <3

Card design: Myself
Suzaku Vector by  [url=]Evaleena[/url]
Lelouch Vector by [url=]Magical Do Re Mi[/url]
Nunnally Vector by Stellar X Inochi
Schneizel Vector by [url=]Rinkazuki/Nekorin[/url]
Kallen Vector by [url=]Chloe-chan[/url]
Lelouch shadow vector by [url=]Magical Do Re Mi[/url]
Table pattern stock by [url=]CG Textures[/url]
C.C. Vector by [url=]Saki-Xan[/url]

*NOTE*  I didn't add C.C. because to me she's like a wild card (Joker) and since Jokers aren't used in poker she wasn't added. I had considered adding her as one when I read the first 4 comments that were posted. I might consider it. I will also consider making it widescreen as well. Like I said it took some time to do this. I do appreciate all comments and favs though.

11.28.08 - Per fan request. I 've added C.C. and made it into a widescreen. I think that the widescreen one looks better. I might just start going wide on my new wallpapers.

[url=]Link to my version of Code Geass Deck of Cards[/url]
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